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Meditation is a training to your mind just like sport is training to your body. Different meditation practices require different mental skills.

Buddhism is a way to wisdom, peace, harmony of mind and soul, an exploration of the life in all its forms.

The atmosphere of Samadhi Monastery helps to retreat from the anxieties of everyday life and concentrate your mind on spiritual practices.

Dove siamo
Eremo di Collodari
via Alpini d’Italia 27
16036 Recco – GE

Stadio G.Carlini
via Vernazza 57r
16147 Genova GE
L'Eremo è aperto
tutti i sabati
10:00 – 17:30 è possibile pranzare e cenare con noi.
Contattaci per saperne di più.

Custode Renato

+39 393 1391475